How we buy houses for cash

We make repairs at scale

Almost all of the homes we buy have flaws, some of them severe. For these homes to sell on the real estate market, they need repairs that can often be costly. 

The most common repairs include foundations, roofs, septic, and plumbing. There might also be structural issues due to termite damage and other decay.

After we buy a home for cash, we start the repair process. It can be pretty intensive and take months to complete in some cases.

Why not make the repairs myself?

This is an excellent question. If we make repairs and then sell the home on the market, then why can't owners just do it themselves?

We buy lots of homes each month so we can get good deals on parts and labor. An individual homeowner would have to pay market price for the same repairs.

Our solution is a great deal for everyone. Homeowners can sell for immediate cash, and we get a property we can fix up and sell at market price. 

We have investors

Make no mistake; we don't have endless financial resources. We're regular, hard-working people just like the homeowners we work with everyday. This kind of business is impossible to run without a team of investors.

Our investors help us in so many ways. They give us cash so that we can make all-cash offers and hire contractors to make the necessary repairs.

Of course, we run a business and not a charity, so these investors expect returns. Our goal is to benefit everyone involved: sellers, investors, contractors, real estate brokers, and our own families.